The Stag Horn   Fall 2008

To all of our Friends, Fans, and the rest of the Herd:

What a Year! Oh boy, what a year indeed.

We enjoyed a short rest following the exciting 2007 harvest and looked forward to the promise of a new vintage. We decided to “T bud” part of our Merlot block to add even more complexity and depth. This is a very small block of only 375 vines. We cut the heads on 220 vines and grafted 99 to Petit Verdot, clone 400 and 220 to Cabernet Sauvignon clone 169. We feel that this will take full advantage of our micro-climate and geography in offering complex wines of great approachability, elegance, and structure. The results should be exciting and tasty.

A curve ball from Mother Nature.

Bud break ran mid march through early April. During the six weeks from mid March to early May Napa experienced 27 nights of below freezing temperatures adding a challenge not seen for almost 30 years. Reports in Napa indicated frost damage from 5%- 50% based on vineyard location and topography. We would have to wait and see what that really meant for us. When we thought everything was in control a few blasts of above average temperatures through mid spring gave us yet another impact to this vintage. The combined result was an increase of “shatter“in the vineyard. This is when berries do not “set” or develop. The upside is a smaller crop of berries with greater concentration, flavor and character.


The 2008 Harvest

We harvested the Silver Stag Vineyard on October 20th 2008 yielding 5+tons, our smallest crop ever! This was off by about 35%. The good news, it was Ellen’s birthday and the quality is intense and exquisite. You are just going to have to wait until the fall of 2011 to enjoy this vintage. We know that the wait will be worth it.

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