To all of our Friends, Fans, and the rest of the Herd:    This has been a most unusual year to date. We enjoyed a very mild winter with less rainfall than we had in 2006. Bud break came a bit earlier this year; on March 16th for the Merlot, and April 3 for our Cabernet. The way the year began, everyone thought we would likely see an early Harvest, especially with the mid-Spring heat spike. However, those involved in an Agri-business know that, of all the things that can be foreseen and predicted, Mother Nature is just not one of them.
    In the middle of the afternoon, on April 14th, she showed us just how unpredictable she can be… a hailstorm with BB to double OO buckshot sized hail fell for 15 minutes. There was enough to cover the entire vineyard in a white blanket. Over the next few weeks, as we suckered and trimmed the vines and structured the canopy, we noticed some bruising and shatter in our Merlot. The Cabernet and Petit Verdot were fine since they were not so far in their development.
    Being in the Coombsville/Tulocay area of Napa, at the base of Mount George, we experience a cooler microclimate which develops smaller berries (greater skin to juice ratio).  Since the skins are where the color and flavor are extracted from, that is a very good thing. The cooler climate also means we harvest later than mid or up-valley vineyards. As the year progresses (with shorter days and colder nights) we find ourselves in the “horns of the dilemma” once again, as we wait a little bit longer for the perfect balance of sugar, acid, and flavor in the grapes.
    The wait was worth it. We harvested the Silver Stag Vineyard on October 23rd at 25.8 Brix with beautiful, lush fruit on hand and in the bins. We just barreled down the 2007 vintage and it promises to be a spectacular year.

WHOOPS! – Almost forgot – another GREAT score!! Our 2002 Silver Stag (almost Sold Out) was just awarded 92 points in the Wine Enthusiast – see Accolades.

    If you don’t have Silver Stag in your cellar you are missing out. We are leaving Silver Stag as an “Open Purchase” item through the end of 2007. Beginning January 1, 2008, we will be allocating new releases.

    GIFT IDEA -A “Silver Stag Vertical”[2001{Inaugural Release}, 2002 & 2003 ] for that someone special.

Please take the time to update your contact information and extend the invitation to join our mailing list to your Cabernet-loving friends. We will send you more information as we begin the new year.

From our home to yours, Enjoy the Holidays
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