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Harry and Ellen Parsley
March 1, 2013 | 2013 | Harry and Ellen Parsley

The Stag Horn - Spring 2013

The fabulous harvest of 2012, abundant quantity and superb quality which I am sure will set a new high mark in rating vintages, is finally in barrel resting.

The 2013 year has begun with beautiful but dry weather. We saw bud break on March 24th for Petite Verdot and April 4th for Cabernet Sauvignon. We irrigated for the first time this year on May 1st, earliest record for us! When you walk a vineyard you see Mother Nature’s promise of things to come, of course we don’t know what things, but all looks great right now. The vines are growing at about 2 inches per day which is stunning and most amazing to watch regardless how many times you have seen it. In our case they may have grown even faster due to Bottle Rock 2013’s music setting the pace wafting over the walls at the Napa Valley Fairgrounds.

The valley is beautiful right now and one of the most fun times to visit with lighter crowds and more opportunity to visit this “magical place.”


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Enjoy the Spring,
Harry and Ellen Parsley


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