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Harry and Ellen Parsley
December 1, 2013 | Harry and Ellen Parsley

The Stag Horn - Winter 2013



Rare are times when great things are repeated back to back, but after a fabulous 2012 vintage, 2013 has done just that. Every year as we near harvest, we dance with Mother Nature. Being in the Coombsville appellation of Napa, we are at the base of Mt. George and experience a slightly cooler microclimate, which develops smaller berries with greater skin-to-juice ratio. That is a good thing with more intensity, color, character, and flavor. As the weather changes with shorter days and colder nights (which is kind of our “horns of a dilemma”), we wait a little bit longer for the perfect balance of sugar, acid and flavor in our grapes. We did and 2013 will be another stunning tear well worth the wait until the release in 2015.


We anticipate releasing our 2012 Silver Stag Cabernet Sauvignon in the fall of 2014. It is rich and elegant with concentrated flavors of cassis, blueberries, blackberries, dark chocolate, superb mid-palate flavors, and a long, balanced finish. So special is the 2012 vintage that we will be offering for the first time a Reserve Silver Stag Cabernet Sauvignon releasing in 2015.

The Parsley family would like to thank you for your interest in Silver Stag wines and for your continued support.

With warmest holiday wishes,
Harry and Ellen Parsley

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Harry and Ellen Parsley
December 1, 2012 | Harry and Ellen Parsley

The Stag Horn - Winter 2012


Wholly Molly what a year!!  Unlike the 2011 vintage, Mother Nature was generous in every way throughout the 2012 season. The weather at bud break was gentle and warm beginning in early April with Petite Verdot on April 5th and Cabernet Sauvignon on Easter Sunday. Perfect weather prevailed from May through September ranging between 70-85 degrees. We always get a couple of bumps with triple digits in the summer BUT this year …very little. !! Our 2012 growing season and harvest can best be summed up in a single word SPECTACULAR!!! !!

We harvested about a week earlier than most years. The harvest was abundant following two years of very modest crops. The fruit, oh my gosh, is simply gorgeous, rich, plump and juicy, with complex character and concentrated flavors. We are just “barreling down” to begin the gentle introduction of oak aging.

The first taste as the 2012 Silver Stag goes into barrel is: SPECTACULAR!!
So special is this vintage that we plan to make a small lot [100-150 cases] of our first “Coombsville Reserve” Silver Stag Cabernet Sauvignon; release early 2015. We’ll keep you updated with its progress.

We will send you another update when everything has quieted down a bit and we have moved this vintage to barrel.

With warmest wishes,
Harry and Ellen Parsley

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